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Crankcase replace

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I ordered a whole new cranlcase for my 2005 Yamaha bruin but idk how to do the timing on it and also is it possible to just change half of the crankcase the reason I'm doing it is because the oil plug broke and it leaks oil bad. Also should I pull the motor if so how? And I wanna redo the whole top end I bought a kit for that as well and tips help thank you
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Hi Xbox, for starters, you really want to download a yamaha factory service manual for your Bruin and read it. read the Engine section twice...coolest stuff you ever learned about your 4 wheeler..You will learn sooooo much.
It will answer 97% of your questions in great illustrated detail...Really!!
If your changing the crankcase halves, then your going to need the manual. That's alot of work. Your gonna have to pull the engine and completely year it down on the bench. It's a big job.

Now if your just talking about the stator cover, then that's easy.
I just wanna replace the side with the oil lines and while I'm at it's I'm redoing the head. It seem doingable from where is sits but idk if I need a special tool
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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