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I have some custom mounted LED fogs which I have another thread on (you can see them in the pictures). I like them so much i decided to add a lightbar but I didnt want it to be very noticeable. I selected the location of the lower grill and decided to do a non-welded installation so anyone at home with simple hand tools could copy.

Here's the grill area in question, the lower plastic piece between the tow hooks.

Youll want to slide under the truck and remove the pushpins that hold it in.

Here it is on the ground

Here is what we are gonna replace it with, a 26" curved bar. Notice they are almost identical in size.

To install you will need some flat bar. I chose aluminum but steel would be ok also. You can buy this from Home depot for about $10 per piece. We will only need two small pieces.

For simplicity sake I chose a bolt that holds the tow hook to attach our bracket too. No reason to reinvent the wheel when the bolt is very close to the location of the lightbar. We will need to drill a mounting hole.

Based on location and angle the brackets need a 90 degree bend or so. Clamp it and just twist it with a pair of pliers.

Now they have final bends, cut to size, and a hole drill to mount the light to.

Here is an underside view:

Reattach the stock bolts, your brackets, and your new lightbar

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