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Emailed, moto alliance asked the difference between winches this is what i got back.

The biggest difference between the Max and the Elite, besides the wireless and standard synthetic cable, is in the gear end.

The Max gear end is made up of a 4 piece sintered alloy housing and the freespool/engage mechanism is a cam follower that rides up a ramp when you twist the knob and pushes the drive shaft in to the engage position.

The Elite gear end is manufactured from a single piece of cast aluminum and uses two pins to lock a ring gear in to place which engages the winch.

The Elite is the top of the line for water sealing but from my personal experience the Max isn’t far behind.

My personal advise would be, if you don’t care about the wireless, you should go with the Max. I handle all of the warranty claims here at MotoAlliance and if you’re noting going to be doing any deep mudding, I don’t see a significant difference between the Max and Elite winches in the number of warranty claims sent in.
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