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I'm writing this in regards to my earlier posts about my low speed stalling issue, with my 2008 700 Grizzly.
I'll give a quick recap of issue I was having... I recently bought a 2008 Non-Eps 700 grizzly, low kms(2k) and hours (200) always serviced regularly, and just has plugs and oil change. No mods other than 27" Mud Lite AT, and 2 up seat with heated grips.
Since purchase i have put 250kms on quad, and love the thing!! Great machine! Other than on occasions after warming up, the quad would stall. Intermittently, but still was happening, only at low speeds. So I read alot of posts about doing "Pod Mod".
I must admit I was very skeptical of doing this to my new quad. But after alot of reading , and a few diagrams to view, i decided to take a shot of doing it. Not only to try and solve my stalling issue, but maybe increasing my low end power?!.
At first I tried to do mod by skipping the re-wiring of the ECU. Didn't work!! Posts are right by saying that 2008 Grizzly needs to have ECU grounded, or Re-Wired. I chose the re-wiring so I dont have to keep taking off ground., or having dumb toggle switch. Now i can enter fish screen anytime.
Anyways after re-wiring EDU, it worked like a charm!!! Accessed C01 screen and set to 50. All I can say is OMG!! Did I ever notice a huge increase in low end power! And throttle response. I even clocked kms per hr at 250 meters and gained like 8-9 kms per hr increase. And can lift front end without even trying!! Telling ya Im so surprised, and happy with the new performance of the machine! ??
And needless to say the idle seems a touch higher, and haven't stalled once in last few rides. And tested alot at slow speeds.
Anyways appreciate the messages and reading tips on upgrades. If anyone has anymore useful tips or easy upgrades give me a message! Thanks Ryeguy41.
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