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Ehs tuner help

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Hello everyone, I have messaged ehs and haven’t got a reply yet.. no big deal I’m sure they are busy .. so I’ll ask you all for advise. I have a 2016 Grizzly with ehs tuner set to their recommended settings for my stock quad. This weekend I’m installing the UNI intake that Ehs sells.
So with completely stock exhaust and uni intake kit and stock air box lid, should I add more fuel in any of the first 3 modes?
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I would think your ok no your tuner Setting, all you did is just replaced the filter, no tip or exhaust mod, no mod on air box lid. Have you blocked your AIS? if not I would recommend it.

Thanks for the advice!! That’s what I though but I’m new to efi. And I am planning on blocking the AIS for sure, when I install the filter.
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