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EJK or HMF efi controller

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Does anyone have experience with either of this controllers? I know most say to get the Power commander but it’s almost double the cost in Canada.

I hear a lot of negative reviews for the hmf optimizer on GC which is at my price level and then stumbled on the EJK from dobeck which is the same cost but not many user reviews.

I’m looking to fix a lean condition on my Grizz. It’s modded with a BBK, hmf performance muffler/pipe and a full snorkel with K&N filter.

Anyone have experience with either FI controllers?

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I have an EHS controller from EHS Racing. Eric is great to deal with.
Had an EHS on my 2009 grizzly as well.
They were flawless.
I think they are all almost the same in operation. And likely all made by dobek

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I've had the HMF optimizer for 1500 miles or so with no problems and it fixed my lean condition. EHS is really popular with the group for good reason I'm sure but never ran one myself. I really like the plug and play on the optimizer as it came pre set for my Grizzly.
I have an EJK. It works well with some tuning. I installed afr guage at the same time. The stock settings were very rich, but after a few hours of testing I have it dialed in
+1 for EHS products. I like the fact that I can pick up the phone and call Eric if I ever have a problem and he is glad to help right away. Great customer service and support on their products. Ive had the HMF Optimizer also and it worked fine, no probs there.
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