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Exhaust Mod

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I recently bought a grizzly 660 and it comes with an exhaust mod, when doing maintenance i see that the airbox have a hole on the side. Reading on forums maybe the previous owner made that hole because of the exhaust mod.

1. I want to know if is correct to do that
2. The highlifter guide of airflow mod is good.
3. What you guys recommend me

Hope can help me,
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Congrats on the new ride. I have a 660 as well. I would say that the only problem with the airbox mod and that it let ANYTHING inside the airbox. I would at least put a screen over the hole. Better yet, a layer of filter material. I assume that since you mentioned nothing about it running lean, that the previous owner rejected the carb. The user dezz is very knowledgeable about this type of stuff. Private message him. He will be happy to help you out.
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Thank you bro, ill contact him now.
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