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Exhaust snorkel?

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On my maiden voyage out on the 2018 grizzly I learned two things, always check your puddle depth, and I love puddle jumping! I'm looking at the SYA warrior snorkel kit, but what about the exhaust? I hope I don't stall out, but if I get stuck with the muffler under water I would think that would cause an issue. Are people doing anything about exhaust snorkels?


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I had an exhaust snorkle on my 660 and it was more trouble than anything. I pulled it off and never looked back. I haven't had any issues running the exhaust under water. I don't idle it under water if I can help it but never had any issues.
i don't have any experience with an exhaust snorkel but i've seen people with them and they typically are just bitching about it, if your exhaust is going to be under water do your best to keep on the throttle. even at idle it shouldn't be a problem but if you can put more gas flowing through it when its underwater then the better. now from experience if you do shut your machine off with the exhaust underwater then it will suck up water and fill it all of the way. i went through a mudhole a while back and started to lean over fast so to prevent my engine from filling with water i killed it while jumping off. i got towed back to my truck where i checked the engine oil and it was still clean (thankfully!!!) so i pulled off the exhaust tip and spark arrester and pulled out my fuel siphoning doohickey and ran the suction tube down the exhaust and sucked out a good bit, then started the grizz back up and she spit and sputtered water for 10 minutes or so then all was good.

so if you do suck in water from your exhaust due to shutting the engine off with the muffler under water wait for a while or have some one help you flip the bike up on its ass-end to drain as much water out then about 10 minutes after sitting her back down normal start her up and let her run for a while and be sure to check your engine oil for contamination
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I have the swamp series exhaust snorkel on my 2013 grizzly 700. It is a bit of a hazard as far as when its hot being out in the open to be touched but as long as i plan on being in deep mud or water id never own another grizzly without one. I got a little anoyyed at the feathering of the throttle in deep spots just to keep it alive but what it did more than anything was keep all the nasty mud from going into my muffler and packing it full of mud. I use to have to clean that thing out 2 times a year. Havent done it 1 time since then and that was 3 years ago.
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