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finally joined

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hi ,well i finally joined you all.been on the sideline for years ,there lots of people with some smarts on here, i got a 99,griz,600 a few years back that ran but never got any love,so i had to poke my way thru several issues to get it to where it's at know,and thanks to you all ,i saved some money and lot's of pain ,i'm here in voluntown Ct, with a couple acres backed up against a state forest,,i use the grizz for plowing the driveway,with a cart ,for yardwork ,and to drag out the occaisionial deer from the woods, at 63 years old,i'm still framing houses and building ,so hello to you all ,and thanks for all the help and advice ,,my latest issue is tring to find a darn end pipe/spark arrestor ..4wv-14752-00-00 discontinued, ,im good w used parts just cant find
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@Bigfish .....Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.
Try Powersport Nation for vintage parts.
Maybe a a spark arrester like a 21V-14752-00-00 could be modified. Plenty of these available for 30 bucks on ebay.
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