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Front A-arm mounting tabs/brackets

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Hit a tree over the weekend cruising down a trail destroying my front arms and mounting brackets on the frame, along with a list of other things on the right side. Question is does anyone make replacement brackets that I can weld on or am I going to have to fabricate new tabs and weld gussets in? Think by now some would have fabricated a replacement part.
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Hey Pineypowerwpww , welcome to the forum!

First , tell us what year and model you have so others with the same exact one can be of more help.

Sorry for your mishap on the trail, I hope you're ok. From what I know from my bike the A arm mounting brackets on the frame are not wear parts , the bushings on the A arm itself get replaced not the brackets. So I don't think you'll find replacements anywhere.
Make sure that your frame itself it's not bent. Post some pics of the damage, maybe you can just bend the brackets back.
It's a 2014 700. Yeah I'm fine the bike on the other hand is not. Frame looks OK surprisingly. I know the tabs are not a wear item but the more I read I see a lot of guys on here doing some of the same damage looking for tabs was wonder if anyone cornered the market on these things.
Welcome from Colorado.
We have several members that have repaired frames and a-arm mounting brackets. Most have straightened the existing bracket(s) and used gussets to reinforce.
There are older threads on these repairs, but the threads may have been deleted over time.
You can go to partshark.com to look for replacement brackets, and if not there, may not be available.
(also, adding a signature helps us keep up with your bike as the signature appears in each post. with many members asking questions the signature keeps others from finding the one post with your bike description.)
I'd double check your frame as well. They crease right behind the rear a-arm mount on the bottom rail. I know this because my frame creased right there when i did something similar to you. My quad is a 2014 700 as well. I'm buying a new frame in a couple of months. Good luck with the fix. Any good fabricator can make those a-arm mounts for you.
Rosscopeeko, how bad was your frame? No luck Bending it back? Yeah got a buddy that fabricates for a living who is taking the lead on this one.. ??
I didn't even try to bend it back. I went to several body shops and a few refused to do it. One mentioned he would pull on it and i would pay for time. Another said they would cut out the bottom frame rail and weld in a new rail. One other said he would heat it and bend it back. They all want their high hourly time. If i pay them half of what a new frame is, and it's not straight, i won't be happy. It's not an easy fix. The problem is that it is bent down low and up high a little too. The top half of my frame is shifted back about 1/4" because my shift linkage had to be adjusted to that to get the gears to mesh right. My tire clearance on the front tire to the rear of the front fender is out 2". If you see "Rolin's" thread on his frame swap, there is a picture of his frame. Mine looks exactly like his. The whole front section is shifted to the left. New frame is $1200 here in Canada. Should have had insurance.
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Hey...Pineypowerwpww...Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.
Can you post some close up pictures of the damage? Would make it easier for members to advise you on a solution.
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