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Generator went out

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So, I've got a '22 Grizz 700 SE. Thought I had a bad battery but it turns out it was the Generator. Started having issues while it was still under warranty but did not get it to a dealer until it was out of warranty. I spent a month and a half thinking it was battery issues until I figured out it wasn't. Dealer I had repair it is gonna try to get Yamaha to warranty it as I told them my story about how it started while I was still under warranty. I asked my dealer if they have ever had to replace a Generator. He said maybe a couple on some of the 600 Grizzlies (you know, the ones they stopped making in 2001) but none he can recall in the 660s, 686s, 708s or back to the 686s. Anybody ever have to replace one of these? 馃が

PS - while they are a bit stiffer than I'd like, the 27x9.5x14 Kenda Bearclaw HTRs are proving to be a really good all-terrain replacement tire for the garbage Maxxis Zillas.
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I think you are talking about the stator, they usually last a long time so hopefully Yamaha will cover the cost to replace. If you're handy with mechanics then look at Partszilla for a replacement.
Yep, Stator on a 2004 Grizzly 660. But I think that it was my fault as the oil was on the low side. I learned and kept the oil at the very top of the stick to help with cooling.
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