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Good day! Hello from Brunsvig/Germany

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Living in Brunsvig area/Germany, I got an ex British Army (ex MOD) Yamaha`s best 450 directly from British Army for private purposes around in our area; followed by the original army-trailer from some actions in Afghanistan inbefore; the whole unit I got with all necessary euqipment incl. two stretchers and IR-Beam for night driving. Tehre are less around (presumable around 15 or even less); mine is a 2011 model with minor milage and less hours.
Like to say hello to everybody and hope of new experiences and parting information for this fascinating kind of vehicle. Thx a lot for help! Yours Sugga-Carl
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Welcome from Colorado.
Interesting back story on your Grizzly. Welcome.
Nice! Welcome from Sunny New England!
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