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I have a 2003 yamaha grizzly 660. I am looking for advice on other grease to use for servicing the primary clutch. I know I can use yamaha ultramatic grease, is there something just as good but cheaper?
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Use whatever grease you like. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing special about Grizzly Grease.

I personally like using a thinner, high temperature grease, which is essentially what Grizzly Grease is. The thinner grease does not slow the movement of the roller weights in the clutch when cold, giving slow shift out and high rpms.
The high temperature rating makes sure the grease does not break down when the temps rise (the clutches get hot during operation).

I am using Aeroshell Grease 22 at the moment. But only because I have access to lots of it for free. It's a thin, high temperature aircraft grease.

I have used Lucas Red-N-Tacky before. I found this grease slowed the operation of the clutch some as it is a thicker grease.

I also used the light Green Lucas Heavy Duty Grease. This grease worked good as it was thinner than Red-N-Tacky.
When I did use grease I use a good quality high temp waterproof wheel bearing grease. Clean out every bit of old grease before you use a different type or brand of grease.
I have done 2mm shim and purple spring to help with 27" executioner tires. Now I want to change out 4 of the roller weights with 4 out of a grizzly 450. I search Internet for theses weights and can't seem to find what I need. I have found sets of 8 in different weights, some say 10gram, some 12gram, some 14gram ect. What gram weights are from a grizzly 450? And when they say 10gram is that 10 grams for each weight or is that the total weight from a set of 8? Help I'm confused
The weight in grams is for one individual weight.

Grizzly 450 had 14 gram weights.

So that's 14g X 8 weights = 112g total weight

Some people use 4 grizzly 450 weights ( 14 grams) and 4 grizzly 660 weights ( 18 grams)

(14g x 4) + (18g x 4) = 128g total weight

So I should get 4 14gram weights and use 4 of the original ones in there? Does that sound right? It's a 2003 grizzly 660
I do not recommend going with differing roller weights. While perfectly fine in the short term, in the long run they cause flat spots on the roller weights, and irregular wear on the cam plate and roller channels in the clutch.
So I should get 4 14gram weights and use 4 of the original ones in there? Does that sound right? It's a 2003 grizzly 660
Considering Dezz's advise, you should probably get a set of 8 grizzly 550 weights. They weigh 16 grams each so you end up with the same total weight as using four 450 weights, and four 660 weights.
I agree with @dezz . I had that setup in my 660 and had flat spots and cam plate wear before I should have. I also had 500 RPM stalls that put extra pressure on the rollers and wore out the wet clutch shoes though.
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