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I'm sort of stuck here my grizz overheat and fan doesn't come on,
I've tested fan from battery and is working fine, I have 12v in the socket from radiator thermo switch, thermo switch works as have continuity at 85 Celsius while cooked circuit breaker have zero resistance, both relays at the front tested and works, (white,black)
Can you tell me where elsewhere to look, I don't think ECU unit is faulty but might be as quad was not in use for 6 years ,also I don't have 12v from key barrel to circuit breaker wire of fan( pictured circled )as well there is brown wire that come from key barrel ???

Any help appreciate thank you
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I don't have a service manual here for your machine.
Yamaha has used a lot of different cooling circuits over the years some without or with a fuse some with or without a relay.

However, I believe your machine may have a fuse before the relay.
Also inspect the wire from the main switch to the relay.
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