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Grizzly 450 Radiator

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So I need yall`s opinion on something. Got a 2013 450 and radiator developed a pinhole leak from constantly rubbing against a support in thr front. Long story short- jb welded and its still holding fine a week later, but I am scared it will break and hurt the engine. Would yall trust that jb or replace?

Also, found a radiator on ebay for $65 shipped, would yall use that or point me in right direction for the cheapest one?
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I would replace the radiator. Not worth not knowing if or when it will fail and possibly burning up a motor cause you ran low on coolant.

Would you trust one on ebay?
Have you checked around for a good used one?
For the money, the eBay one mite be worth a try. New oem yamaha radiator is a crazy 250$ US !
I have found nothing wrong with eBay radiators. I would trust them over a jb weld repair.

And $65 is cheap. Buy it, install it and be done with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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