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Grizzly 550 DIAG screen?

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Hi, I have a grizzly 550 and on the speedometer panel all it says is DIAG? Can any1 tell me how to get rid of this this and get the gauges and speedo back on?
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Hey...Tich1981..Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.

It should default back to normal by turning off the key.
If you turn the key off and back on it does revert back but then as I am riding it comes back onto the DIAG screen. So frustrating.

The only info I can find on this indicates that the speedo. They are not cheap. Might be able to find a used one. Maybe give Eric at EHS Racing a call. He is stripping down a 700 for a racing and selling off many of the parts.
Ok thanks for the info pal. I will give him a try.?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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