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Grizzly 600 Red relay?

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Hey all, I picked up a second grizzly for parts but after looking at it, it actually may be worth fixing vs parting . So anyways I have no electric start, dug at it for a hour and the starter solenoid is dead but beyoud that the blue white/red white have no 12v when button pressed. So I tested two of the three relays in the back, the two white ones I hit with 12v and they are clicking and also passing current. The red one however I assumed was a relay as well? But applying 12v it doesn't do anything but spark.

This IS a relay right? I haven't dug though the service manual yet, but figured u all would be faster.

I ask found a "previous repair" to the wiring. I've got another grizz I can swap parts from tomorrow.

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What year model are we talking about? You say its a 600, so that narrows it down a little bit.

The two white relays are for the "Start Circuit Cut-off relay" and the "Reverse Relay". The red one is for the cooling fan.

When you turn the key ON, you should hear one of the relays click. If you do, that means that there is power going from the main switch to the start relay via the brown wire. If no click either the main switch is bad, there is a break in the brown wire, the relay is bad or the CDI is bad. The relay with the 2 brown wires, one blue/white, one yellow/black is the start relay.

In no click, test the relays by putting 12v on two pins and check continuity with an ohm meter. You "Could" swap the them around, but you might damage a good relay doing that. Best to bench test them.

If it does click, then there should be 12v on the L/w (blue/white) wire going to the starter solenoid. The r/w wire going to the solenoid is actuallly a ground wire. When you push the start button on the handle bar, it grounds out the r/w wire and the starter solenoid closes and the motor starter runs.

Do you have a service manual? Sounds like you do, but if you don't here is one for a '98 Grizzly. Almost impossible to figure this out without a service manual.

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Thanks for the reply! I had actually narrowed it down to the Starter solenoid, but happy to know what the red relay is. oddly the new solenoid clicks solidly but starter doesn't turn, but you can jump terminals and it works everytime. So wierd.

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