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Grizzly 600

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I have a grizzly 600 I’m having issues with my gearbox. For example neutral doesn’t light up like it’s supposed to. It will only light up between high and neutral. Also reverse is stubborn to get in, then high I have to put into low so it puts her into high. PLEASE HELP
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Check your shifter linkage for wear at the transmission side rod end. They use a spring rotating arm assembly, and this wears. I have replaced several of these on the 600's.
If that rod end assembly is not worn, then adjust the rod itself for better engagement.
Alrighty I’ll try this thanks guys
Neutral sits as it should now, and my gears work correctly. Just adjusted the linkage as you guys said :)
Thanks for posting back what worked and closing the thread properly. It helps make the forum better and may help someone else later on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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