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grizzly 660 has no spark, BUT

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2005 grizzly 660. Has no spark when you push the button. Only 1 spark when you release it. But, it has full spark with the pull start. Bike also runs great when you get it started...

So far i've changed the stator and pickup, ignition coil and spark plug...

Any other ideas??

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Have you looked at any of the ground connections?
tried with spark plug installed.... Reading 10.9v while cranking... Good or no good??

CDI maybe?? Could it still be the CDI even if it spareks fine with the pullstart??

Probably ok at 10.9 volts. You could try boosting that voltage by jump starting it off a running car or truck and see if that makes a difference. maybe even try connecting the jumper cable ground to the Grizzly engine block (acts a redundant ground/different ground path).
My gut is telling it could be the CDI but my brain says no because it pull starts fine.

I'm starting to run out of ideas...but keep trying different things. Eventually we'll stumble across the answer or at least a REALLY good clue.
triedmy buddy's CDI from his 2003 grizzly 660. Works like a charm!!! I am so relieved.

Thank you all so much and a big thank you to Cutlass. I greatly appreciate all of your input and help!

Sweet!! I knew we get it eventually
WAIT!! One more question :)

the 2003 and the 2005 CDI's have different parts numbers?? Will the 2003 CDI still work fine in the 2005??

Whats the differences?
The differences are probably minor like maybe the display cluster is a little different so that requires a slightly different CDI.
gotcha! I went aheand and order a CDI from RMstator on eBay. I've always had nothing but good service from him!!!

Thanks again for all your help! Much appreciated!!!

Happy riding
I have a 02 grizzly it is doing the similar thing you turn kill switch on and it sparks once it has a new coil and new CDI bought off of ebay is my cdi bad even though it is new from them? or can it be a stator problem.
Having the same problem on a yamaha grizzly 660 my kill switch on the handle bar was giving me trouble then my regulator burn up and it also messed up my stator and cdi box replaced all of it and when I turn the key on the spark plug sparked but when I go turn try and start it the spark plug has nothing went over every thing still cant find what causing this but my display screen where the light goes on in what ever gear I have it in it is now saying it's in reverse and in park at the same time would anyone think that's affecting it to start don't no what to do went over all wire can't find and thing wrong
Stick with OEM stator, I tried RMstator and it only lasted a few months
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