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Grizzly 700 2016

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Hello everyone can someone please tell me whats wrong grizzly 700 2016 only done 7 hours use since ive put mega mayhem tires on 28-10-12 the 4 wheel drive is engaging in and out on it self ?
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This is a common issue. Check this thread for instructions to quickly fix it yourself...
Or take it to the dealer. They are changing out 4x4 switches on these machines due to this issue. Call first with your vin handy, though.
Put the original wheels and tires back on though for the warranty work
Put the original wheels and tires back on though for the warranty work
If a dealer gives you grief about your aftermarket wheels and tires when you take your Griz in for a known switch issue, find another dealer and contact Yamaha. I would not swap out wheels and tires for this.

Some guys have had luck pulling their old switch themselves and swapping it out at the dealer. No guarantee all dealers would do this though. I did the fix on my switch maybe a year ago. It was quick and easy and hasn't acted up since. If it does, I'll either swap it at the dealer or just do the fix again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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