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Grizzly 700 Big Bore questions

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I was hoping to get some guidance from those of you who have already done a big bore kit as to what other mods work best with the 734 cc kit. I have a '08 700 that I am looking to freshen up and I was thinking about the JE 11:1 734 piston kit. I was looking at a HMF Titan quiet slip on, but I am stuck on what fuel controller to use. I was thinking about going with a power commander, but is there anything out there that I can have programmed to go with my mods on the Griz? I don't really want to spend the money doing the rebuild and end up leaning it out trying to map the fuel by myself. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I’ve got a 2008 with a 770 bbk. I’m running this mod with an hmf performance muffler and full 2” snorkel. I’m using the ejk by dobeck fuel programmer and it seems to be running well. My grizzly has 29.5 outlaws and can pull the front end up on acceleration(no missing after the ejk) the motor feels much cooler after installing the FC... I’m new to ATVs so this is just my personal experience. Might be more experienced members who can chime in.

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