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Got an 07 grizzly 700fi with esc. Problem is the esc light is on but I can't get it to go into diagnostic mode.

The esc motor has continuity, not continuity from either lead to the motor housing, the torque sensor is 1.15k ohms which is right in the middle of spec. The control unit has battery ground, power from the esc fuse and also power on the other ignition fuse. It should work.

Heres my problems:

The esc light is always on on the pod. By the wirng diagram the esc light is always powered and gets its ground through the green/red wired to illuminate it. I unplug that connector so it can't get ground and the light stays on. That wire is not grounded so I don't know how the pod is illuminating that light.

I know there is a bulletin for pod but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with esc. But can it be causing the light? Should the esc light go out with the 6 pin connector disconnected?

I want to think the control module is bad but that still doesn't explain why the light is on without a ground. Can the pod induce a condition where it disables the esc? Theres a single wire between the esc module and engine module, what is it for? Can there be something stored in the engine module that is causing this?

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated!!
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