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Handlebar bolt torque

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About to put some 1" H/bar risers on my 2017 grizzly, normally the torque for the bolts is 18ft lbs for the bikes I have, but with the grizzly having a thin bottom plate I thought I'd better check for the correct torque value, thanks.
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I don’t have that value handy at the moment. If nobody comes up with it soon, I can dig through my stuff and find my service manual. I can tell you then when I installed my risers, I just kept tightening until the bars didn’t move under heavy stress. And if I remember, I had to crank pretty hard on those bolts.
Books says 14lbs
Thanks guys, I'll start at 14ft lbs & do a bit of pushing & pulling.
kind of on topic of handle bars, had snow edge give way and roll we go, pushed the bars down a little and want to readjust and wonder how much of the plastics need to come off to get to the bolts? Thanks, J

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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