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heated grip idea

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just got some cheep heated grips cause i pulled my heat demons of :|
was going to use the same wires and just con to them.
but i was thinking would it be a good idea to put some spray foam in the handlebars to help insulate them ? or am i getting to crazy lol maybe this has been done
thanks g
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I actually used to fill the handlebars on my 97 CR250 and 98 CR125 with spray foam. But that was cause those thing vibrated so bad. I don't think it helped one bit, other than maybe a placebo affect. You could do the same, there would be no harm in it, but you'd probably only get the placebo effect. Just make sure the hand warmer max temp isn't higher than what the spray foam is rated to.
Many Grizzly handlebars are plugged with Steel. Mine were.
You may not be able to get the foam in there,, Have a look before you head out to buy the foam.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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