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HElP! 05 grizzly 660 front drive shaft splines showing

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Hi to anyone reading this ! First time grizzly owner. Inspecting my quad I noticed splines showing on my front drive shaft coming from the engine. Almost like the plastic seal isn't long enough to cover them ? Have I lost something while riding ?

Thanks in advance for any help !


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You haven't lost a thing. That's the well documented issue with the 2003-2008 Grizzly 660's.
Google Grizzly 660 front driveshaft" and you'll read hundreds, if not thousands of posts about the subject.

If the splines are worn, you'll need a new driveshaft and coupler to fix it.

This problem is easily permanently fixed by moving the front diff back in the frame by elongating the mounting holes in the frame using a file.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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