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Help- Blinking reverse light

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What does it mean when the reverse light is blinking when it has been idling for a while on 07 Grizzly 350???
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Reverse sensor switch has failed. If you ride it now, it should hit the rev limiter, even in forward gears.
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Are you sure it's the reverse light or the overtemp light?

Are you sure you replaced reverse sensor switch and not the neutral switch? I have seen people do that.
Not sure if I replaced the reverse sensor? I did the neutral switch and the one next to it by the shifter linkage
I haven't seen a Grizzly 350 in several years now, but if I remember correctly there is 2 switches on top of the engine, near each other. One is for Neutral and one is for Reverse. Some models use the same switch for both lights...most use a different switch. I have no idea what your has. If yours has the same switch, swap them and see what happens.
My has the two switch's like you said. I replaced Booth of them. The reverse light will still blink.
Try grounding them and see if it stops
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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