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HELP!!!! Braking Fault

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I have an issue with a Grizzly 450 and its confusing the F out of me. Using the front brake only the thing stops fine, the front right wheel doesn't lock up but it stops square, when using just the rears or the front and rears combined it turns to the left violently. Anything more than 10 Mph it will turn a full 90 degrees and tries to roll, clearly my first thought was that the back right brake wasn't working but the rear breaking is done in the Diff so should act evenly on both wheel stations. Anyone got any ideas???
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In 4 wheel drive it tries to pull the other direction.
Welcome to the site Doc. What year is your 450? It sounds like something is locking up on the rear left. Have you jacked it up to test the brakes while running to see what's happening in the rear? Any noises, vibrations, or looseness? When's the last time the brakes were serviced/replaced? How many miles on your Grizzly?
Not trying to throw this back at you, but a few more details will help the other experts help you.
Welcome again
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Hey...Doc001..Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.

X2 what year and does it have power steering?
Do all the tires have equal PSI?
How's the front wheel bearings?
What condition are the brake pads in? For some crazy reason in Wisconsin the Grizzlies and Kodiaks seem to wear out the right pads first.
Welcome to GC. These guys will get ya straightened out.
Welcome from Colorado.
I was thinking you may have a broken rear axle until I saw your second post.
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