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HELP! Front end clunking on 2002 660cc.

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So I was out riding my Grizz yesterday and whenever I went over larger bump the front, sounded like on the left side, would make a clunk sound. CV joints are good and I don't know much about what would be wrong. Please help me!
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My guess would be wheel bearings or shock bushings... leaning toward the latter...
Ok I was just wondering if it might be something with the shock. Where are the bushings?
Ok I was just wondering if it might be something with the shock. Where are the bushings?
Hey there. So, if it's not "clicking and clacking" as you ride on smooth ground, like you said it sounds like the CV joints are fine. Clunking over bumps, I agree that it's likely shock bushings or some of the other bushings in the suspension that moves a lot over a bump. The shock bushings are on each end of the shock that the bolt goes thru to attach to the suspension and frame. The upper and lower A-arm bushings could be worn as well, and if the 660 has anti-sway bar, there are bushings on that linkage that gets worn and can make noise too. With the front end jacked up so the tires are off the ground, reach in there( make sure it's blocked up solid) and give stuff a good yank back and forth to see if you can see/feel any excess movement or make the noise. You might be able to figure out where it's coming from. Hope this helps, good luck.
Thanks guys I will have to try that latter today.
Keep us updated on what you find out. If you can't see anything broken, seems like it should be relatively minor.
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