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Help Me Decide on New Machine

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Okay guys, First post and torn between two machines. Had an 03 Grizzly, sold it last year and miss it badly. So, I'm locked in on getting another one soon, as in 2 days and need your opinion on which way to go.

Here are my options.

-2016 EPS, 342 miles and 36hrs. completely stock except for an led light bar. $6600 is the lowest he will go on it.

-2009 No power steering, 1700 miles, black, and full skid plates. Otherwise stock. $4200 is the lowest he will go.

Both clean machines...

I'm concerned about the 2016 being used and coming up with the smoking/head replacement issue i read about. The 09 years seem to be pretty rock solid.

Which would you choose and why!? I plan on keeping this for at least 6 years minimum.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about this!

Thanks for your help and I look forward to being on here alot more and adding mods to whatever I get!
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Welcome to the forum. In what region are you located?
I had an 08 which was bullet proof never did anything to it, besides the normal maintenance. I sold it with 9500km and got good money for it. bought a 2016 SE matt black which now has 2100km and for what its worth, i prefer the 2016 ----example the ride is much better, has more power both bottom and top end, bit more stable because they are 2'' wider , and i like that you have the storage compartment where the fuel tank use to be. and a bit of the over all look .
I like the 2016+ over the older models.
What kind of riding do you do? Will the power steering be a major factor for you?
To me, the EPS plus 7 years newer seems like a better deal assuming they both are in great condition.
I will be making a trip once a year to various ORV parks. Aside from that, general meandering around the lake and ice fishing. So, ultimately both would work just fine for my needs and I believe that is why i'm so torn.
I would go 2016, its newer, less problems and parts are easier to come by if needed.
Every model year of nearly everything that man has created has specific issues..

Have the 2016 seller include a 4 year extended warranty.

I have a couple 2016's that have not had the issues that others have had. 7000 miles on one around 3700 on the other.
I say 2016. Sure it's more money but newer by several years, besides the issues are easy to fix, but do have them include the extended warranty like @reogem said.
I dont think ill get an extended warranty from this guy. But it sounds like 2016 is the way to go here.....

Absolutely - the '16 is the way to go....My wife rides a '14 450 EPS and likes it. Ever been to Halsey? I'm from N.E. Nebraska. Welcome to GC!
Haven't been to Halsey but planning a trip to Finger Lakes in Columbia Mo sometime in April/May. Know of any great riding areas within 6 hours of Lincoln? Haven't been on a planned trip since 2003 back in my college Polaris predator days, ha.

Can a guy buy an extended Yamaha warranty on a used bike that's out of the MFG warranty? Is 6600 a decent deal? I feel like it is but only been looking for a little over a week.
I would say that is a decent deal for a 2016 w/ EPS 342 miles/36hrs.

If you go look at it, ask for it to be cold when you start it up and look for any puff of smoke or smoking out the exhaust. If you don't notice any during the first 10 minutes, that bike is probably OK in regards to the concerns with 2016's and that smoking issue a few of them had. Then check over the rest of the bike like you should to look for any other problems. But unless the guy crashed it or treated it poorly, that bike engine is only just broken in.
Welcome to GC . I've never rode a 16+ Grizzly but if money isn't an issue then I would get the 16 if for the power steering alone.
Agree on the 16 if you’re firm on those two machines. PS is a major plus!! Check everything over carefully. Take your time from top to bottom and then test ride. Even though it’s just now broken in, a lot can happen in just a few miles. Check the air intake to be sure it isn’t dusted. There were some issues with the foam seal not being greased.

Another option to consider is a leftover or used 14 or 15. Don’t know if there’s any left at the dealers near you but owners of these machines have been very satisfied, me included. Might also save ya a few bucks. I bought mine used with about 200 miles and it’s rock solid.

I know you are wanting to get this deal done ASAP but don’t get in a hurry. Been there, done that and regretted it. I’ve saved myself a lot of headaches and money by walking away and sleeping on a deal for a night.
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Welcome to GC. 2016 for sure, the smoking engine only happened on very few mechanics and from reading some of the post I just couldn’t help but to think some of the Issues were owner induced, so like red-rocket said, start it up and if it doesn’t smoke pay the man and ride on!
Agree with the 16, that EPS is amazing. Also check that the compression spring has been replaced if applicable for that model. That machine is just broke in. You might see if the dealer will throw in winch.

Might be worth it to check if water in the diff's only takes a few minutes and you can tell a lot about the oil dip stick ( old school of looking for smell and coloration on the stick).
Agree with the 16, that EPS is amazing. Also check that the compression spring has been replaced

Yes almost forgot, there are two Service bulletin on The 2016 depending on your Vin number, one is the decompression spring replacement and the other is the 4x4 switch replacement, both of which Yamaha will cover!
I previously owned a 2009 Grizzly 700 and sold it to buy a 2016 Grizzly 700. The 2016 is a much better machine, smoother ride, more power, more storage.... I would snatch up that 2016 if I were you..

I had both my spring and 4x4 switch replaced by the dealer for free...
I have a 2016 that is about 17 months old and has never had any mechanical issue and definitely no smoking issues.
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