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HI guys my name is mike i have a 2005 grizzly 660 hunter edition

I am having an issue with my starter button not working. First of all i just got this atv and am new to grizzly's for the little time i rode i loved it plenty of power and the 4x4 is great very fun.

so i got the atv of some guy he had wired a ford starter relay ran new wires to a aftermarket push button it works but its not right i would like the original start button to work. He had told me that they installed an new venom starter and starter relay and the button still would not work in fact he bout a cheap ebay starter relay which i heard they can start wires on fire etc. bad news. After further investigation i found that a few wires got hot and melted a bit just the insulation. I did check continuity for the wires that showed signs of melting and check out ok.

ok here is how i went about troubleshooting

1. checked the main fuse - ok
2. checked battery - ok 12.45 volts
3. bought a original starter relay - new
4. checked the starter - ok works with the aftermarket switch previous owner installed and its new venom brand
5. checked the start switch blue/white wire and the ground check ok when i press the button also checked the blue/white back to the starter relay plug had continuity checked out ok
6. checked the ignition fuse - ok
7. checked the engine stop switch checked continuity - ok
8. checked the starter relay blue/white and blue/black wires for continuity with each other - ok checked continuity on the motor side and battery side of the relay - ok

These are the components i checked

not sure how to test the following

1.gear selector switch -all the led for the gears work on my digital dash park,reverse,neutral,high and low
2.rear brake switch - checked all the brake levers and the rear foot brake and all of them turn the brake light on
3. the diode - not sure where the diode is located

For the life of me i cannot figure out why this start button will not work
I tried starting in park, neutral and with brake lever still wont turn over i do have power when i turn the key. everthing works on the atv but the start button it runs fine with the aftermarket starter but the starter seems weak with that setup. also i dont even hear the starter solenoid click when i hit the start button

any thought would be greatly appreciated

Also does anyone know how many volts i should be getting on the blue/white and the blue/black wires on the starter solenoid.
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