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Hex auto parts axles reviews ??

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Hi,guys .
I need a set of front axles for my 2013 Grizzly 700.
As they were broken suddenly on yesterday.Both together ..Too Scary...
Luckily, safe no hurt.
I saw this brand online,Most feedback/reviews of Hexautoparts.com stated arrived on time ,great product for the price,etc....But nothing about durability .
Have you heard or used Hex auto parts axles before?
What do y'all think or any positive/negative experiences?
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Hey....JavierCabrera...Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.
Most axles offered by whoever is not manufactured by them. The are redistributing from some importer most times. Look at Hex website there is no indication of where or who manufactures the axles they offer. I looked at the reviews they look fabricated.

Many members including myself have bought Niche axles from this supplier.


In the past I bought very good axles from Hunterwork. It appears that they do not offer them any long.
Hi,guy.Thank you for your sharing.
That's why I am asking.Not know much about this brand.Seems that they are American Seller.
The only thing that interests me is the great price,much cheaper than my local repair shop.They are quoting me $300.00 to have a OEM one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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