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I spoke too soon. WEIRD noise from Rear Diff area.

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Yesterday I was bragging how there are no issues with my 2016 Grizzly 700LE.

I was hearing a little creak clank noise occasionally and though it was my sway bay as the bushings are worn some. Last night however, I could hear it really loud.
When you first apply throttle in forward or reverse, there is a Creak then almost in with the creak is the clank. It only does it once, but if I put it in reverse it will do it again, back into forward and it does it again. I can hold lightly blip the throttle to just start the machine moving and it clanks, Let off and touch the gas again and it clanks again.

I completely removed the sway bar but it did not eliminate the noise. I did the shake and rattle test and all seems tight. There are no leaks, all fluids are clear and next to new.

I feel the clank in my feet, like its coming through the frame.

I never gave the Rear diff a good shaking to see if its loose and I am thinking it might be that. I read about this problem later last night.... Its that or its a bad rear Diff.. O dear god the horror and ridicule I will receive from my Canam buddies if my yammy is broken..

If have the wheels off and I rotate the hub forward and back qickly I get a clanky sort of sound that seems to be the rear diff, but I don't know if this is normal gear lash.

I only have 1800 miles on my Grizzly and only run 26" bighorns and dont abuse the machine really.. I cant find anything on the web about it.
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I would concentrate on the axles, rear diff, and drive shaft from trans. to the rear diff. try putting the grizz in H or L and see how much either of the axles or driveshaft may clank back and forth, the gear lash in the diff is pretty minimal and shouldn't make much of any noise and the same for the axles, there will be a little yes but it should not be clanking as loud as you say it is. also shake the diff and even check the diff mounting bolt tightness with some wrenches just to make sure, it might not be a bad idea to check some of he rear suspension bolt tightness while your already back there

let us know what you find!
Start with the easy stuff.
Looking that diff from the rear is it square to the frame?
If it is, I would first re-torque the diff mounting bolts.
If it is not, get it fixed.

As listed above check the axles.

Then with the rear wheels off the ground and the Griz in park rotate the wheels by hand while watching the drive shaft for excessive movement. You may also hear the noise. It has a double spline that could be causing the creak and clang.
As others have said start with the easy stuff,
Like visit your local Yamaha dealer and buy I shiny new 2018! Lol

All kidding aside it's unlikely your differential is down right failing so soon. As these guys have said most likely something simple like a bad axle, loose diff bolts etc....

Hearing some clicks and claks is normal when spinning your rear wheels of the ground, as there are many gears, axles and shafts that all have a little bit of movement, and backlash before engaging.
Quick question.
When driving your bike and you noticed the sound on take off in forward and reverse, were you always in 2wd? Did you try 4wd?
Quick question.
When driving your bike and you noticed the sound on take off in forward and reverse, were you always in 2wd? Did you try 4wd?
2WD and in 4WD. tried both. Its definitely the rear of the machine. Once you load it up with some throttle, and after the noise has happened. It wont do it again until you let off and hit it again, or put it in reverse. It sounds to loud for axles.. They usually "Click" more than "Clank".

I will check the Diff for loose bolts.. I'm an SOOooo hoping its just loose bolts. It has been getting louder over the past short while. I used to feel the clank more so than hear it. It could feel it in my foot pegs. that's why I was thinking Sway bar. My Canam had bad sway bar bushings and you could feel the thud occasionally.
A small part of me was scared it was a broken frame, but as far as I could see laying under the machine, All looks fine.

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I know we don't have the same machines but I went and jacked up the rear of my bike to see what noises I hear.

In neutral, 2wd if I shake one tire back and forth quickly I do get a bang out of it.
But it's from all the components in the CV axles to the other axle, to the tire that cause it. So I rotate one tire forward and the other backwards as to remove all the slop from the axles out of the equasion. At point I shake both tires back and forth quickly but keep pressure in opposite rotation on both tires. All I hear then is a slight tick from the pignon and crown gear's backlash.

Is this what you did with yours?

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Hi am away till mon eve but if no one has checked for ya will jack mine ip on tues after work and check mine for you . does sound weird though.

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I just repeated the same tests you perform in your second video. When running, rear wheels in the air, on/off throttle I get a bit of a clack but it's not consistent and not anywhere near as loud as yours. With the bike off, rotating the wheels back and forth in high, again I get a bit of clang but not as loud nor as obvious as yours either.
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I am working at it a bit trying to make the noise as loud and frequent as I can for the video.

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When I’m riding, I only hear the clank noise on first throttle tip in. Then again if I stop and hit the gas again, or go to reverse

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I am working at it a bit trying to make the noise as loud and frequent as I can for the video.

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You did a really good job on your videos. It's an excellent tool for others to compare with you. After playing your video a few times and trying to duplicate the noises on my own bike, you really get a good feel for the sounds of both our machines.
Trying to describe it with words makes me feel like one of those old auto mechanic commercials.. squeak clunk thump... chirp scratch ting.. din ding thuwop.. haha..
figured a video speaks a million words.

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That does not sound right to me. I have never heard a noise that loud from any Yamaha Ultramatic I have have ever worked on or operated.
It would seem the input shaft from the secondary sheave has too much rotational play.

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yeah man that sounds no bueno por kaka... and the noise descriptions are very helpful to us mechanical kind of folks lol. i have a 15 model and i know for a fact my secondary doesn't do like yours does. maybe do some more research but you will most likely need to take her to the dealership and have them repair it. what ever dealership you use make sure they are "Yamaha Pro Star Certified" because then it'll be a lot better chance of them fixing it right the first time. i took my grizz in to the dealership i bought it from and they were not Yamaha certified, it was in for a few small things like 6 months after i bought it and they handed me a line of crap about "well we can only replace it if its broken, and yes we know that the part doesn't work some of the times but that just means its "Defective" and not broken so we cant do any thing"... yeah that was a bad time for them as i am a mechanic by trade, any who that is definitely not supposed be doing that! it might have been that the engine and trans were assembled no a Friday or Monday... which is a very valid excuse for random screw-ups lol

let us know what you find or what the dealership comes up with

Good Luck
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Dealership prices scare the hell outta me.
$100 per hour. I can’t afford that.
I’ll be buying a manual and doing the job myself.
I just don’t want to tear it apart only to find nothing obvious wrong with it. I don’t want to start throwing new gears and shafts in there for no reason.
I’m going to talk to a few mechanics tomorrow. (Free advise I hope) and show them my videos.

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