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Indianapolis new Grizzly owner...

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Hey all, a 2012 Grizzly followed me home from the dealer last weekend...New to ATV ownership and am looking forward to reading through the posts and learning all I can...

Any clubs in Central Indiana looking for new member?

Thanks for letting me join.

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Welcome to GC from Missouri. Enjoy your new ride and be safe!
Congratulations! :gcrules:
Welcome to GC. Enjoy the ride!
Welcome 2 GC.
What's on the mods list? We love to help spend other people's money!
Well, Partzilla is the devil, lets just say that. It's green currently and I want a blue one, so a full set of plastics, I'm replacing some sketchy parts that have a bit of wear and other odds and ends. My UPS guy is going to hate me.
Welcome to GC.

If you think the plastic prices are bad for '12, check the previous years pricing even though 700/550 plastics fit '07-'15. Might make you feel a bit better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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