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Info on the 2017-18 SE wheels

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Hi folks! Does anyone know the width of the aluminum factory SE wheels? I am debating getting the SE over the base EPS 700 Grizz depending on how much I can beat the dealers up for a 2017 model. The wheels look good and may keep me from upgrading down the road. Just wondering if they will work for bigger and possibly wider front tires. (Most likely 26.5’s or 27’s down the road.) I would like to go a little wider on the front if possible than the 9” stock width. If the price difference is under $300 do you think it’s worth it or just buy aftermarket?
I am hopping to be $9000 range, less for non se trim. Let me know your thoughts.

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The rims in question will handle a wider and taller tire just fine, even on the non se model. You can run 10” on front if that’s what you were wounding and 12” on rear and up to 30” tall. And for the rest, the se Model is painted and sure is pretty until you rub it off on a tree or what not. I can spray SC1 or stuff like it to make my scratches virtually disappear, no amount of SC1 will make that paint come back. With that being said, it’s your decision on how much money you want to spend on the extras. Don’t expect big discounts from the MSRP there just not much wiggle room for dealer on $10,000. If you have any more questions about a 2017 2018 model do searches on here for 2016 models, practically the same thing, we have already been there and done that. Good luck!
Thanks for the input. Now knowing the se bodywork is painted, I think I’ll go base eps. I can use the extra cash to upgrade the stock crap tires, add a purple spring, shim and a fuel controller. Thanks for the advice! Happy wheelin!
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From the owners manual it states the following:
Factory Front Wheel: 12x6.0AT
Factory Rear Wheel: 12x7.5AT

It appears that the wheel size is the same regardless if it is SE/LE/EPS.
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