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We carry all styles of ITP Tires for your ATV or Quad - Check out a few of our top sellers!

ITP Holeshot MXR6 ATV Rear Tire 18x10-8

Price: $79.99

Product Description:

-Designed specifically for motocross tracks, the ITP Holeshot MXR6 utilizes a proven tread design that is ideal for loose track surfaces.

-The new reinforced carcass of the ITP Holeshot MXR6 tire helps to minimize stretching and maintain a flat profile during acceleration and cornering. The new carcass also allows riders to run lower tire pressure, enhancing control and comfort.

-The lugs on the MXR6 tire have stiffened knobs that result in less flex and more consistent cornering.

-The wide-spaced split knob tread pattern offer great bite and clean-out.

-The ITP Holeshot MXR6 tire are 2 ply to reduce weight.

-Sold individually.

ITP Quadcross XC Rear Tire - 20x11-9

Price: $108.99

Product Description:

-The all-new QuadCross XC has been designed specifically for high-performance trail riding and racing.

-The QuadCross XC incorporates a tough 6-ply carcass for higher puncture resistance and exceptional overall durability.

-The advanced carcass design has been proven to stiffen the sidewall during side loads without compromising ride quality.

-The QuadCross XC reduces the bounce that's common on most cross country knobby tires, the advanced carcass design benefits acceleration, braking, cornering and overall balance, significantly reducing fatigue and lap times.

-The quadcross XC tire incorporates an aggressive, dimpled tread pattern using a high-tech, long-wearing tread compound further enhances traction, feel and trail handling characteristics.

-Sold individually.

ITP Mud Lite AT Tire - 25x10-12

Price: $80.99

Product Description:

-Revolutionary all-condition tire: it's a mud tire that's designed for the trail, a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them.

-Computer-aided engineering has resulted in the lightest mud/trail tire ever.

-Unique center tread contact area provides a smooth, radial-like ride.

-Pure trail tire handling combines with pure mud tire performance.

-Angled shoulder lugs provide unmatched mud traction.

-6-ply rating for unmatched durability.

-The ITP Mud Lite AT has 3/4'' lug.

-Sold individually.

ITP 589 M/S Front Tire 25x8-12

Price: $97.99

Product Description:

-ITP 589 M/S Tires are made to offer dominating performance when riding your ATV in the mud or snow.

-ITP 589 M/S Tires are constructed to be the lightest high-performance mud and snow tire on the ATV market.

-ITP 589 M/S Tires weight savings translate into less horsepower loss and easier steering.

-ITP 589 M/S Tires are constructed with a wide-open, extra deep 2-stage 11/8-in lug for maximum performance in extreme terrain.

-ITP 589 M/S Tires feature a self-cleaning tread for unmatched traction and handling when the terrain becomes extreme.

-The extra rugged 6-ply construction makes the ITP 589 M/S incredibly rugged and capable.

-With the weight savings that the ITP 589 M/S offers you will save wear and tear on your ATV drive train.

-Sold individually.
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