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Just a simple question

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By now I have been watching an awful lot of ATV/Quad clips on Youtube. (what else can I do still not having my registration papers and license plate?) But why do so many people 'undertitle' their clips with all kind of crap they call music ?????

When there are engines involved, petrol, diesel, jet, steam or whatever engines there are I want to hear the ENGINES and of course the swearing and cursing when things are not going according to plan!

Don't they realize that within a short time we will never hear the wonderful sound of engines anymore because the whole world is driving a Tesla or other electrical shit. And swearing and cursing? No more as well because these wonderful electrical shit is doing the thinking for you. Nothing can go wrong anymore.

For those who can't remember the sound of an engine

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Oh my gosh, I think I might be dying of laughter! Lol. At least we will all be fast then, I mean Tesla does make cars that do faster 0-60 times than supercharged Lambo Hurricans... But I agree, what about that amazing sound?!?
https://youtu.be/k1NNMLZIATg a little 'merica for you over in Europe.
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@RobPt, you nailed it. I am a guitar player( well, I used to be) and I love music, at the right time, in the right place. Doesn't matter where you go, grocery store, resturaunt, planes, trains, doctor office, always some obnoxious excuse for "music" blaring. You are right. lets hear the engine, the wind, the road or trail, or if you are doing a "how to" video, for Christ's sake turn off the damn music so we can hear you talk!!!
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Both those mustangs sound awesome!

Was in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago and just outside my hotel was a Huracan that was only idling and the noise from it was almost deafening. It sounded awesome but I was shocked at how loud that specific one was, no way that one was stock.

Probably not likely but do dream of one day owning a Porsche GT3 RS. Those don't sound so bad either.
...... Probably not likely but do dream of one day owning a Porsche GT3 RS. Those don't sound so bad either.
Listen to this and you will never want to own a Porsche GT3 RS again!!!!!!

One word for it:

Talking about sound? Hillclimb with 'slightly' tuned family cars. In summer you can watch these races at a lot of places in Germany, Austira, Switzerland of France. They just love it!

And talking about Porsche how about the Porsche Carrera GT?

And how about racing sounds in the seventies. No automatic of sequential gearboxes, no nothing of that all, just hard working drivers with normal manual gear boxes in their cars. Let's put Louis Hamilton in a Zakspeed Ford Capri and see how far he gets when he has no "Play Station steering wheel" as all that sissys have in their F1 cars nowadays.

I can listen to this music all day!

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Well look at who posted up! PlayStation steering wheel! LOL!
That Carrera GT sounds SWEET!
Google "Craig Lowndes Bathurst hot lap" does 6.2km in 2.06 mins up & over a mountain race track in 2010, best for 2017 was 2.03, alotta the time these guys are on 2 wheels around corners. These V8 supercars sound awesome, but the best engine I've ever heard is the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 in a Spitfire or Mustang fighter doing a flyby, it brought an involuntary tear to my eye it sounded so sweet.
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