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Kenda executioner

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Anyone using executioner tires? I am looking at 27×10×12 front and 27×12×12 rear. I see some people use 10's on all four, why? Looking for the good and bad reviews.
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Not many people around here run these type of tires. You'd be best to use Google. You'll get hundreds (if not thousands) of reviews.

But here's my take.
They are an excellent, mud oriented tire. They have an extremely high wear rate and are also extremely durable in all other areas as well.
If you ride in areas that is more wet than dry, they are a tried and true performer. If you ride mostly dry trails, there is better options out there.

Some run skinny tires at all 4 positions for many reasons. The same can be said of why people run all wides.
If you have a smaller engine or no low range, then 4 skinny tires are easier to turn than wides. Additionally, if you ride mud holes with a bottom, then skinny will sink easier to grab the bottom for traction.
The list of reasons is endless.
Thanks for the reply, you say a high wear rate. Does that mean they wear out quick?
That's what I'm looking for. Any more advice if I should get 27x10 front and 27x12 rear or 27x10 front and rear? Im sort of confused. Haha
For best overall performance, put skinny (27x10) in front and wides (27x12) in rear.
That's what I was thinking, the only reason I was thinking same size front and back was to rotate them when rear starts to wear. I think I will do 10 front and 12 rear
I run them on my Grizzly 400. Everything above mentioned , I agree.

They are awesome for mudding , very very durable. They do ride Pretty darn rough though on hard packed trails , as they have large gaps between treads. I like them for the money , hard to beat mud tire. If comfort is not a big deal , buy them. If you want a really smooth ride , look elsewhere.
Tires are here! 27"executioners


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