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Kodiak 450 missing bolt

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Hi just picked up a kodiak 450 2003
We just got a snow storm here in north Carolina and took her out for a spin
Front end started to click so I thought bad cv joint but after further investigation I see that the bolt holding the front transmission to the frame is missing so the driveshaft popped out
Does anyone know what the size of this bolt is
It’s the bolt that goes through the frame to the front pumpkin
Thanks in advance
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Hey...Pfrys704...Welcome to GC from Wisconsin..

Also bolts #26 in the diagram. Best to go to a dealer for these bolts.
Thanks yes I saw all these Schematics none of them show the thread and bolt size, they do that on purpose
I could go buy some nice stainless bolts to replace with if they would just give the size.
No biggee I found the parts on Rocky Mount ATV and they were very helpful, they have oem schematics on everything.

I will have the bolts on Monday
I paid $150 bucks for this 2003 Kodiak from a man who was moving out of town only has 230 hours on it
I did see where someone did some work on the front end but it drives very nice

Thanks for all who responded will post when the bolts are in
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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