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Left rear knuckle bent??

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A friend of mine hit a tree with the left rear tire on MY kodiak!! Broke both upper and lower a arms. Nothing looks bent frame wize but the hub assy (knuckle) does not line up with the a arms so i cant bolt it together. Almost like the frame is bent or the new a arms are bent. My question is....is it possible to bend a knuckle seeing how it's casted ? I would think it would just snap. Really hoping the frame is not bent!! Thanks...
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The knuckle "could" be bent, but HIGHLY unlikely....but anything is possible.

In almost all cases of bent a-arms that have seen, has had some sort of frame bending. Stand the bike up on its rear rack. This will give you a clear view of the full bottom of the bike. Remove any skidplates if you have them installed. If you have a twisted frame, you'll see it then.
Thanks I will give that a try tonight
And i'll bet when you pull the skid plate's off you'll notice the bolt hole's will be out of alignment when you go to put em back on.....maybe
If the hit was hard enough to break both a-arms then it is likely the frame is tweaked a bit.
Good news, no bent frame! Just a arms, rear knuckle, hub,wheel spacer and rim!! He done good!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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