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This is my Grizzly 700
I bored out the cylinder to an 800
Put in a hot rods cam shift
Full barkers duel exhaust
29.5 highlifter outlaws
Custom rad relocate
Dynojet power commander 5
Extensive clutch work
Extensive engine work
2 inch stage 1 gorilla axel lift
American racing tierod ends
Gorilla axel heavy-duty utv axel
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When I I got it tuned it was producing 86 horsepower
Previously had a cvTech clutch. DO NOT RECOMMEND was running 4 times hotter than my engine and couldn't do a simple trail ride.
Cool rig!

It's not a stroker? What is your current cylinder Bore then?

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Had my two rigs out for a putt this past weekend. We kept the Polaris guy in between us so we would know when he broke down. It was cold enough to chip my fender. Took a nice divit right out of the side. Now I need to get fender extenders to hide it!

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