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I'm looking to buy a few things if available for the right price including shipping..
1. 2R power tip for 2008 700 grizz, or exhaust kit depending on price.
2. Clutch kit, with purple EPI spring, and machined sheave if possible? But really want secondary purple spring.
3. Power commander fuel controller either number 3 or 5 ?
4. Rigid square led headlight kit.
5. Front storage box depending on shipping costs cause of size.
6. Upgraded stator and cover, would like to change mine its original and inner they have issues on 2007 and 2008 models.
7. Upgraded intake air filter and box for 2008 700.
8. Front and rear super atv bumpers if good condition, and good price with shipping.
9. And last if someone is selling complete EPS kit for 2008 700, depending on price is like to install on my quad eventually.
10. Also looking for complete camo plastics for 2008 700. Or compatible year in good condition.
If anyone is Selling any of these at cheap prices message me please? I'd like to save money if possible to do so from buying new. Thanks, regards ryeguy41.
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