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Lost all power

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2007 Grizzly 450...replaced starter relay due to starter staying engaged after started (2nd time in two years)...after replacing I lost power to the entire bike. No dash lights, nothing. Winch works and battery tests excellent. checked all fuses and all appear good. Helpful hints?
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If it happened only after you replaced the relay, then it's either a faulty relay or incorrect installation. Fuses could be blown now because of it, but fuses do not blow for no reason. Something had to happen.
Did you check both fuses in the relay itself?
What fuses did you check?
Are you sure the relay connector is fully clicked in?
Did you have anything else disconnected when you replaced the relay?
Inspect the relay connector for an ejected pin. I have seen them get pushed out of the connector.
Are the battery terminals tight with good clean connection?

If everything checks out good and your 100% sure the installation of everything that you touched is correct, then the relay is most likely faulty.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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