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Hello everyone, I haven't posted on here since I don't know when. I'm in southern NJ and want to do some trail riding. I've been thinking about Hatfield McCoy for years but now that my wife suddenly became disabled two years ago, I'm solo and that's a long trip by myself.

As far as a place to winter trail ride (looking to put in some miles), I think it is Majestic in northwest PA. It's still nearly a six hour drive for me. I'd go to Rock Run (4.5 hours from me) but they don't open until April.

I'm hoping someone can tell me that the trails out at Majestic this time of year aren't full of deep water holes. I'm not a big fan of deep holes, and I'm especially not a fan of busting through ice before finding out how deep something is (I'll give them a call as well to find out conditions). I guess I want to know if it's worth the long trip. Again, I'm looking for some long miles of trail riding, not necessarily challenging (looking for green and blue trail type stuff)

Any advice appreciated, thanks


(sorry mods, I posted this in another forum before I realized there was a regional forum)
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