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Mbrp exhaust

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Hey everybody I?ve been looking at exhaust for my 2017 grizzly and I am leaning to the mbrp but was wondering if any one have installed it on there grizzly ? If so let me know what you think of it
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i just put a mbrp exhaust on my 2018 grizzly. very pleased with it so far. how did you make out with yours?

I don't have the MBRP but I did go with the HMF and their fuel tuner. I am very pleased with it. I got the titan QS and it isnt overly loud but has a nice deep tone and you can tell it runs better.
sounds like a nice setup. im still looking at a fuel tuner, was afraid one might make it backfire more. the stock exhaust sounded more like an exhaust leak.
I have it on my 04 -660 The sound is ok, Not too loud. The pipes did not fit together well on mine, They kept pulling apart so I screwed the 2 sections together.Much cheaper than other pipes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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