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Model numbers ?

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When I try to find the exact winch mount for my 2013 550 Grizzly and go thru the select charts thay have on sites that have many different mounts I can not find my model listed. The paper work I have on it says it is a YFM5FGPDR . Do I only look for the YFM5G when selecting my model ? I think the R is for red but no idea what the PD is. When I go thru the selection process on those sites it says part will not fit on my machine. Thanks
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Where are you looking? I got mine off eBay I think. KFI is the brand. P is usually for power steering. Search 2013 550 Grizzly winch plate in eBay and Amazon.
Thanks, looks like one of the better mounts from what I read about it.
No problem. I’ve had a couple of those mount plates. They work great at a fraction of the cost of some others.
I am not sure it it is part of the frame or what might be part of the bumper . The round tubes that the winch plate fasten too ? When I check on a 3500 superwinch or Viper and put my model number in it says it will not fit. I know others on here say they fit there machines but no one with a 2013 model has said these winches will fit. Are the bumper or frames different on the 2013 than other model years ? Can anyone with a 2013 550 FGP tell me what winch and plate the used ? I hate to bug ever one with all the questions but would like to get something that will bolt up without grinding or putting dents in the tubing so the winch will fit in.
I use the KFI SE 3500 winch. I had that same winch and plate on my 2010 (transplanted to my 14). The plate will fit your 2013 and on the off chance it doesn’t and they said it would, you should be able to send it back. Look for a package deal that includes the plate and winch. That’s what I did. KFI offers package deals and I bought on eBay. Motoliance (Viper) is a site sponsor. Contact them directly or here at GC from their site sponsor forum. The only issue I remember with a winch fitting was a Viper 4500 and only minor modifications had to be made. And a 4,500lb winch is probably overkill for a quad. That’s what many folks put on their SxS’s.
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I have looked at Viper and Superwinch 3500 lb winches . It says that they fit 09 thru 14 model years for a 550 and 700 Grizzly . When I put in for a 2013 FGP model it says it wont fit. Just wonder if the frame or bumper is different on this year Grizzly ? Some adds say it fits others say grinding needed or wont fit . About to just give up and get a 2500 lb winch and hope that will fit . Thanks
The letters next to a model are just options / Specs. G is usually green, F for four wheel drive and P for power steering. A 550 is a 550 for winch and plate purposes. I went from a non PS 10 700 to a PS 14 700. There’s nothing up front (option wise) that will affect your plate and winch. Buy away. I highly recommend contacting motoaliance directly and let them know you are a GC forum member. Sponsors are likely to give discounts to forum members. And you get to hear it from the horse’s mouth that what they are selling will fit your machine.
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