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With help from some of you, I decided our new Grizzly deserved a Moose plow setup. Since I like to buy local when possible, I contacted the folks at a reputable shop called Moto Man Racing ( https://www.moto-man.com ) a couple of miles from my home.

Together, we decided that the complete setup would include a 55" blade (4501-0068), a front mount (4501-0534), pulley kit (4501-0387), and the RM4 mount (4501-0547). We viewed online offerings, and they beat all other advertised prices by agreeing to sell this kit for $640 delivery and taxes included. I was excited about getting everything tomorrow.

Then they called this morning to advise me what their sales rep told them.

Apparently, Moose has discontinued the RM4 because their supplier will no longer produce it. They can sell me a new RM4, but advised that a new/revised model, the RM5, is due out later this fall.

Their advice to me was to wait for the new mount, because servicing the RM4 may become an issue if ever required. So, we elected to wait until September to touch base again. As long as I don't have to sit on 20 degree concrete to install it, I should be good.

Anyone else hear anything about this?


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