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More tire and wheel questions

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Hi guys and gals,

I am new to atv's and have a few questions. (Lots of experience moding trucks.)

I bought a little while ago a 2009 grizzly 550eps.

It has stock wheel 12x6 and 12x7 with 25" stock maxis.

I am looking to up the size and was thinking of 27" (clutch mods also in the works once I decide on tire)

1.How wide a tire can i put on a 6" wide front?
Most of the 27x9 12 say min 7"
2. Am I right in assuming you can put a 27x11 on a 7" wide rear?
3. Tire recomendation?
-I live north of the border.
-I hunt in the fall, snow ride in the winter with general trails the rest of the year
-lots of logging road, snow riding, trails, next years hunting trip will be in moose country with lots of soft marsh(not looking for puddles but may run into them) was leaning towarda zilla's but hoping for something that may smoother at low speeds.
-dont look for mud but don't avoid it either.

Thanks for your time and input.
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Just to give you a visual, these are 26x9 fronts and 26x11 rears Mudlite XTRs with 1" spacers at all four corners. They will fit your rims without any issues as will 27" . But they are much heavier then stock tires (27" will be even heavier) and in my opinion our little 550s need clutch mods as they lack bottom end torque to start with aspecially compared to the same generation 700s. As fare as max width on stock rims some members run 10" front and 12" wide rear tires and seem to have no issues but I have no experience in that department.

As fare as tire makes and models, Zillas have the advantage of being lighter then most witch is good. First gen Bighorns are a very popular long lasting all purpose tires to. Bought my machine with these XTRs and they have been good to me. I think they have 7000kms on them and they still do a good job driving threw all kinds of steep hills, rocks, mud, stumps, fallen trees, swamps, sand, snow, skeg, etc....

I also strongly advise you utilizing your Low range when ever speeds are consistently under 15km/h. This can help prolong your CVT's components life span significantly.


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Here are 26x9x12 fronts abdb26x12x12 maxis Big Horn originals on factory rims. 6 inch wide front room 7.5 inch wide rear rims.
The aftermarket tire companies such as ITP also make the aftermarket rims, so of course they’re going to tell you they need to be on a 7 inch rim. They will probably use this excuse to deny a warranty claim as well if it really came down to it.
However I have not had them ask me about rim size when I did my last tire warranty claim they did question me on tire pressure. my warranty claim was eight years ago on a set of ITP mud lights that wobble really bad. They sent me two new front tires, that wobble just as bad as the first. Big tires wobble I guess.

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The width of the wheel in proportion to the tire affects how much sidewall bulge you have and how well the bead seals.
Generally, 7" wheels are fine for up to about 12" tires. You want some sidewall bulge but you don't want it to look like a balloon.
I'd say 12" tires are too wide for a 6" wheel.

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A wider tire on a narrower rim will cause the surface of the tire to round over more, getting a much better bite. A narrow tire on a wide rim will cause the surface of the tire to lay flat and even across the tread.
Another downside to narrow tire on wide wheel is that the rim of the wheel is unprotected, much more vulnerable to getting gouges, and pieces of wood stuck in the bead, etc.
The wheels in the pic below only have a few rides on them.


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Thanks for the good info guys.

Have many of you had experience with the maxxis mud bug. A guy at work loves them. Thought they might be a little aggressive for my riding.
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