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Moto4 350 new owner

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Recently picked up a 1989 Moto4 350 and have a few questions. First off, I apologize if this isn't the correct subforum, but I think it is closest to a Big Bear model and think this is probably one of the more active forums out there for Yamaha ATVs.
I'm looking for a high/low/reverse shift cable and while they are NOS, there are quite a few out there available through ebay and other means. I'm curious as to the differences between two different model number cables though, 1YW-2637F-00-00 vs 3HP-2637F-00. From what I can read, the first model number is for 1987-1989 and the second from 1990-1995, but the appear to be the same. Anyone here with information about this?
Second, I bought this ATV with the knowledge it would need a lot of things and so far, those things are replacing the starter relay, welding up the muffler, welding the foot mounted rear brake bracket so that it works, new driveshaft tube bellows, new carb (previous owner had butchered the inside of the old one and stripped out the jets), oil/filter change, put in an air filter, new brake cables, petcock, fuel cap, and I'm still going. It's a labor of love, and I am thinking I'll need new rings or a top end when I finally get it running correctly, but after I get the carb in I'll make that determination. The brake cable going to my right front hub assembly is also cut off and I don't know if you can replace just that cable assembly or need an entire new (used) hub. It's snipped off about 3 inches from the hub.
I recently downloaded a manual for the big bear and many things are identical so I have that going for me. Any advice you could give would be beneficial as this is my first 4 wheeler and its a father/son project. My other passion is riding standup jetskis but since it's turned colder in Kansas, I've had some time to put into this new adventure.
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