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Name that sound

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My 08 grizzly 700 is making a kind of scrubbing sound at an idle.ths sound is coming from the clutch region.I maintenanced the cvt,still hear the sound.I'm new to the whole clutch and one way bearing thing. I've asked around,and there isn't anyone in my area that will work on a yamaha,so I guess its up to me,and hopefully the info I can get from fellow grizzly riders.any help would be GREARLY appreciated!!
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It would be best if we could hear the sound. Posting a video would be very helpful.
It shouldn't be anything with the belt clutches themselves as they are not rotating when at idle rpm.

Could possibly be the wet clutch shoes dragging on the drum...but it's only a guess without hearing the sound in person.
Thanks dezz.I have video,but you can't really hear the sound on it.you nailed it tho,it sounds like a scrubbing kind of sound
I'm pretty mechanically inclined,is replacing the one way bearing,and wet clutches something an average mechanic can do? Also,where can I find a repair manual to help?
Many guys have replaced their own one way and wet clutch. There should be many threads here on those topics and we're here to help also. A service manual can be had on tradebit.com for cheap. That's what most of us do and then just reference on a computer or print it, which is what I did.

I'd still post that video up. We have some guys here that are really good at diagnosing problems.
Here is a video of this 700 grizzly.hope y'all can hear it.also,this grizzly starts,and will idle for about 10-15seconds,then die.reckon what thats all about?
Forgot link to video... Try again.
How do I do that? I'm no good on computers
Turns out I have a friend that I wwnt to high school with that owns a yamaha dealership in fort payne alabama,so I took it to him.here's to praying I didn't make him mad way back when!!
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