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Need help identifying what this is 2018 kodiak/grizzly 700

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New to owning a newer yamaha four wheeler so just need some help identifying what this piece is and if it can be unpinned and repinned since some rodents apparently got into it. It sits near the computer on the front of the atv on the right front wheel side. If i’m missing anything information wise just let me know, thanks!
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Vehicle running and all apparent electrical circuits functional?
Darn, those critters went to town on the wires. I had a nest once in air box of both Grizzly and Wrangler and since then it has been death to rodents at my home. All that is fixable with some additional wire and a solder gun.
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Called a "joint coupler" that particular one ties the ground wires together.
Speaking from recent experience, I have an 04 Kodiak 450 that had a bunch of wires chewed in two. I unpinned them, took a similar gauge wire and made a connection between the pin and the corresponding wire. I took heat shrink tubing and put a small piece next to the pin and then the end tied to the main wire. This works, at least it worked for me. Hope the way I explained that wasn't confusing. I think I have photos of mine if it would help show what I did.
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